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Connecticut Pharmacy of Norwalk

Norwalk – “Providing service the way it used to be, the way it ought to be.” – Scott Wolak

Connecticut Pharmacy of Norwalk

Connecticut Pharmacy of Norwalk, is a retail location situated on Route 7 in Norwalk just south of the Wilton line. We offer a full line of medical supply equipment including crutches, walkers and canes, orthopedic supplies, and incontinence care. Our cycle fill process, offered at no additional cost, is perfect for busy professionals, families, and elderly customers looking to remain independent in their own homes longer, with less risk of hospitalization due to medication mismanagement.  

We offer free local delivery and are pleased to introduce Connecticut Pharmacy Direct, a mail service for those outside of our delivery area. Our store is pet friendly, so please bring your furry friends along, and ask about specialty compounding for pets (and humans too!) complete with flavors that help the medicine go down with ease.

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Allison Wiencek, Managing Pharmacist


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Our Team

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Norwalk, CT, USA

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